Membership Options For Core Spin Club - Get Spin Fit
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Spin Studio Membership Options

Spin Class Membership Choices

The task of finding a fun and engaging fitness class can be daunting, never mind one with a good membership plan. Although there are many choices it is important to find a club that offers fun and exciting whole body exercises at a good price. Furthermore, fitness classes such as Spin, have been proven to burn the highest amount of calories and dramatically improve cardiovascular health. Because indoor cycling classes are fun, they are a less abrasive way to get a full body workout in a self-paced, energetic environment filled with endorphins and good beats!

Spin classes in Calgary have been in demand for many years. Our spinning classes accommodate all fitness levels and on your first visit one of our skilled instructors will provide you with a personal tour, shoe and bike fitting and answer all your questions. Your Spin instructor and fellow riders are there to support you and boost the energy in the room. Our mantra is to develop a supportive, healthy and fit community. Let’s face it, many of the new fitness trends are expensive and intimidating. Our goal with every new member is to bring them into our team of like-minded individuals and build a formidable relationship to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Open To All

Core Spin Club offers a large selection of membership options, plenty for you not to have an excuse for not at least giving our spin studio in Calgary a try. Our Introductory Offer for new members is $45 for unlimited rides in your first month. Our Yearly Membership is only $130/Month and our ride passes allow from 1-20 rides and range in cost from $18-$270. Our classes are designed to allow everyone, from beginners to advanced riders, a successful and challenging class.

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