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Tyler McRae

CORE Co-Founder, HIIT Lead, Personal Fitness Trainer, Connoisseur of Toques
Get to Know Him

What can always be found in your gym bag?  Head band, water bottle, beard comb and beard oil. Don’t judge me.

What’s something not many people know about you?  I’m afraid of birds. Maybe that’s something everyone knows about me.

Why spin?  Loud music + a team of people working together on a bike = dreamy. It’s also a great mental release and physical challenge.

What’s your favorite song to spin to?  Right now it’s a Thunderstruck remix, but really any track that gets me up that grueling hill climb with a smile on my face.

What’s your favorite place in the city to hang out?  My backyard with friends and my family.

Who in your life motivates you?  My wife and kids.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  In the summer: golfing, SUP’ing, cycling and in winter: the ski hill.

What’s your favourite post workout meal?  Smoothie!

Guilty pleasure?  Froot Loops

Road bike or mountain?  Road

Wine or beer?  Beer

Dogs or cats?  No contest, dogs.

Sports car or truck?  Tough one, sports car.

Tent or trailer?  Trailer

Beach or museum?  Beach

Movie or book?  Movie

Krista McRae

CORE Co-Founder, Spin Lead, Mom x 3, Multi-Tasking Champion
Get to Know Her

What can always be found in your gym bag?  My gym bag is basically my van. So lip gloss, phone, shoes, hoodie, scarf, empty snack bags, six water bottles, dog leash, at least one kid’s backpack…

What’s something not many people know about you?  I used to be an Animal Health Technologist and worked in research for the U of C Faculty of medicine.  I also can win any arachnophobia competition. If that’s a thing. Which I hope it isn’t.

Why spin?  I love that you can take the class one song at a time.  Every class is different, and as long as it’s a killer playlist, it’s the fastest and best 50 minutes of your day!  I also love that’s it’s one of the only cardiovascular workouts where you can make it your own.  And that it means I never have to run.

What’s your favorite song to spin to?  As long as it keeps me pedaling, it’s my favorite.

What’s your favorite place in the city to hang out?  My house with my family and friends or biking in Fish Creek to Annie’s Café.

Who in your life motivates you?  My husband and my kids.  Tyler’s perpetual positivity keeps my negativity realism in check

When not at CORE, where can we find you?  Picking up kids from school, working in my home office, or at the rink.  Or the laundry room.

Road or mountain?  City bike

Wine or beer?  Vodka

Dogs or cats?  Dogs.  Mine specifically *heart eyes*

Sports car or truck?  Minivan

Tent or trailer?  Neither.  Because spiders.

Beach or museum?  Museum

Movie or book?  Book first, then movie.

Garret Dawson

CORE’s Community Engagement Leader, Support Services Caseworker, Beer Geek, Rec League Bench Warmer
Get to Know Him

Who in your life motivates you? My parents. Seeing how far they have come always serves as inspiration for me to work harder. They are the best role models I could ask for.

What’s your favourite post workout meal? Beer. This qualifies as a meal right? After a heavy workout, nothing beats a delicious cold India Pale Ale.

Wine or beer? Well this one is obvious. Our city has an abundance of amazing craft beer options and it is only getting better. Drink local!

Dogs or cats? Dogs! I never thought I would own a small dog, but when my condo board wouldn’t allow big dogs I had no choice. I have a Miniature Dachshund that constantly keeps me entertained. While he is incredibly stubborn, Oscar has more personality and character than I ever could have imagined. Do yourself a favor, get a wiener dog.

Tent or trailer? Tent! Nothing beats throwing everything on your back, making a trip out to the mountains, and setting up in the middle of nowhere!

Misha Behnia

Dancer/Choreographer, Caffeine Addict, Lifelong Learner
Get to Know Her

Why spin? I began spinning a few years ago as a form of endurance cross training for dance. Once I was in, there was no going back! I can’t get enough of the music, lights, instructors, and fellow riders. I get an adrenaline rush just thinking about the energy in a spin studio!

Who in your life motivates you? My parents, plain and simple! They have taught me that perseverance and patience will always pay off, and to be gracious for the opportunities you are given.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you? In the dance studio, the mountains, or studying. I live and breathe for activity and knowledge!

Guilty pleasure? Red wine. Ice cream. Nike running shoes.

Favorite post workout meal? Hmmmm this is a tricky one! I LOVE food. Spin definitely works up my appetite!

Joey Braunwarth

Dancer, Model, Hype Man!
Get to Know Him

What’s something people may not know about you?  I love to meditate and make music!

Why spin? Cause running suckssssssssss

What’s your favorite place in the city to hang out?  Misson/17th

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  The dance studio!

Guilty pleasure?  Gourmet Gummies, Movie Theatre popcorn

Breanne Sich

Marketing Maven  for Mealshare, Prosecco Popper, Frequent Diner
Get to Know Her

What’s something people may not know about you?  I got a scholarship to play badminton at the collegiate level – I know, I am super cool.

Why spin?  It is the ONLY time of the day where I can unplug, give the ride my full attention, and take time for myself without interruptions. I tend to take on A LOT, so it is so refreshing to be in a room without the distractions of the outside world

What’s your favorite place in the city to hang out?  Cold Garden – it is hands down the place to meet dogs. I mean…the beer and company is great too.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  Eating. Volunteering. Eating.

Guilty pleasure?  Nachos and Bacon – I am NOT suppose to eat them #CrohnsLife but, sometimes they are just too good to resist.

Kate Brown

Mother of three, Lover of all things fitness 
Get to Know Her

Why Spin? Spin pulled me out of a dark place in my life… postpartum baby number three, over weight and on a handful of meds at 33. I was able to lose the weight, get off the meds, and hang onto the lifestyle change. After 13 years of being overweight and trying every fad, my success was only 30% about the great calorie burn spin offers. The other 70% is because spin is about community. Likeminded people riding together is a beautiful thing. The positive energy flows and fills the room and over the years I have met so many incredible inspiring people and I have been able to inspire others! That’s the good stuff, the real meaningful face to face connections that hold people up when it gets tough and push people forward when it’s hard to go it alone.

What can always be found in your gym bag? Everything!!!  I never carry a purse but I have a huge gym bag.  My computer, with a playlist and a couple backups, face wipes, lip gloss, spin shoes, cross trainers, socks and extra socks, an extra change of workout clothes for times you just need to do a double!! And a healthy snack, always a snack!

That’s just what’s on top, I could survive a couple days out of my gym bag.

Favorite post workout meal? Is it a cheat day or not?? 6 days a week I would reach for a ¼ cup of almonds and a scoop of protein powder mixed with water, on day 7 it’s a completely guilt free burger extra cheese extra bacon!

What’s something people may not know about you? I have the words “you are beautiful” tattooed across my shoulder. If you are sitting behind me in a spin class or standing behind me in a line up then those words are for you. We are all way too critical of ourselves and people should be reminded that others think they are beautiful, inside and out!

Wine or Beer?  Bubbly, I am fancy like that!

Tent or trailer? Trailer, I love to camp but preferably where I can get a hot shower, a warm bed, and a great latte, after a long scenic hike.

Rob Cutt

Importer/Exporter, aspiring MasterChef, Diehard Flames Fan, Dogowner, Wearer of Many Hats (figuratively and literally)
Get to Know Him

Why spin?  The feeling at the end. When your all done, legs burning, lungs aching, sweat everywhere. You know after that your stronger than you were when you came into that room.

Who in your life motivates you?  My wife Danielle keeps me focused and motivated. My constant desire to stand out to her keeps my engine firing. She is my rock.

What’s something people may not know about you?  If you’ve sat in a room with me for 10 minutes you probably know more than you ever wanted to know about me…. Hockey Canada commercials make me emotional.

What’s your favourite song to spin to?  That’s something that’s always changing; the harder the song, the better. I love a good challenge. If I don’t hit the drop, keep on beat, finish the jog, or I drop the weights, it pushes me to make sure the next time its perfect. A lot of my playlists have songs that I didn’t think I could do. And then I practice and push myself until I can. I’m always on the hunt for something unique to spin to, whether its classic karaoke songs or banging metal tracks. Most of all I want everyone to enjoy it.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  My day job allows me to play hockey and golf quite a bit throughout the week. You can find me face washing clients in the city rinks over noon hour, or like a sasquatch in the forest looking for my errant drives.


Guilty pleasure?  I’m shameless when it comes to singing in my truck. Driving with the windows down and I’m screaming Toto’s Africa at the top of my lungs…


Wine or beer?  Can I answer both? This is probably going to sound snobby, but whatever. Wine for dinner pairings, or a nice crisp white on a hot day. Beer for general consumption. I do love me a good ipa.

Dogs or cats?  Both. We’ve got two cats Rocky and Harley, and Franklin our golden retriever.

Genna Chiosa

Property Adjustor, Pun-ny Girl, Peanut Butter Fiend
Get to Know Her

Why Spin?

Initially, when I started, I was a rider at a charity event and ever since I’ve been hooked. Spin gave me the extra push I needed to start taking care of myself and building my confidence back. I was at a point in my life where my vices were taking over ….and it was not good. So, I needed something that could motivate me in a way that felt effortless- as in not spending a BILLION hours at the gym or looking at my phone for cute outfits I couldn’t fit into to. I found the atmosphere at CORE was perfecto! Lights dimmed, loud bumping clubbing music, sweat dripping down my face and legs constantly moving- AND ONLY 50 mins of my time?!?! DONE DEAL!

Sports car or truck?

From my previous dating experiences… I’ve always liked the safety of a minivan *loud laughing* I’m just kidding- sports car for sure. My dad use to drive wild in a trans am, so the need for speed was instilled in me at a young age.

Beach or museum?

There’s no question that if the opportunity presented itself, I would choose the Beach. I’m sure there’s artifacts there that I can look at! *eye wink*

Guilty pleasure?

Ya know, I have many guilty pleasures… this one’s a hard one to pick…. Here goes- freshly laundered sheets. Boring right?

Movie or book?

This will always be a debate that no one will win and I’ll tell you why- because not all movies are made because of books! So there! But my answer is MOVIES, and then if my friends have the book, I may perhaps just borrow it.

Kasey Gardner

Public Relations student, slurpee lover, small town girl at heart with big city dreams
Get to Know Her

Why Spin? I love the idea of a nice hot sweaty workout and that’s exactly what spin brings. Nothing better than being drenched in your own sweat. I also love the concept that someone can get such a solid workout by simply finding the beat of the music. The loud music, dark room, flashing lights and someone there to push you can be quite motivating.

Favorite song to spin to? Anything Justin Bieber

Who in your life motivates you? My mom, dad and brother. They’re the reason i’m the person I am today, they continue to support, push me and feed me with unconditional love.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you? Probably at Mount Royal being a nerd, making an epic playlist or facetiming my mom or dad at the club  

Guilty pleasure?  Five cent candy and a slurpee

Movie or book? Always movie

Jennifer Lavery

Certified Group Instructor , Sweat Enthusiast, Event Coordinator for 3 kids, Maker of Ridiculous Facial Expressions
Get to Know Her

What can always be found in your gym bag?  Crunchy old socks (What? I forget about them in the outside pocket!), Chapstick

Who in your life motivates you?  My 3 crazy kidlets remind me daily that we can always learn something new

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  Playing soccer, teaching Zumba, running around with the family…

Wine or beer?  Neither, I am a cider girl.

Dogs or cats?  Dogs. I have 2 labs, Toca and Nanuk

Tent or trailer?  I have a tent trailer so can I say both?

Beach or museum?  Definitely the beach!!

Jennifer Love

Spin Enthusiast, YTT 200, Professional Ice Cream Taster, Energizer Bunny’s Understudy
Get to Know Her

What can always be found in your gym bag?

There is only ONE bag. I am a mom and am always working so my three MUST haves are my laptop, diapers and wipes, and my massive day planner (I’m old school like that). I am a big fan of eating so I usually carry about 3 different snacks for both of us, and I always have socks, spin shoes, usually a top for me and an outfit for my little. The make-up necessities: around 20 different lipsticks and glosses, deodorant, perfume and an array of hair accessories. 2 pairs of non-prescription glasses for those post sweat raccoon eyes, and a small umbrella ( I’m from Vancouver, its in your blood). I will also have what you need to fix anything and everything, safety pins, bobby pins, eyelash glue.
Oh and a wallet.

Why spin?

I found spin after I had my first baby and was suffering from a bit on self diagnosed PPD. I went to a studio by my house and my life was changed forever. Until I found spin I never had understood the “fill your own cup” mentality and spent so much of my energy taking care of others, that I forgot about myself. After finding spin I finally love the skin I’m in, understand what I need for my own mental health, and know that taking care of myself allows me to be better in everything else. Spin is where I learn to push past what I think I am capable of and become aware of my true strength. I take that with me every time I walk out those doors.

Wine or beer?

Wine, wine and more wine. I think my 6 am riders have picked up on that while we’re doing squats. I have them all imagine having a glass on their heads…then ramble on and on  about how precious and delicious it is. It’s not even dawn, and my mouth waters.

Guilty pleasure?

Ice-cream. I mean, abnormal amounts of ice cream. Every day. In my house, if there are two flavours in the freezer, one is just an appetizer to the other.

Devan Berg

Irish Dancer and Scrunchie Addict
Get to Know Her

Why spin? I fell completely in love with spin because I think that it’s one of the best workouts! I love the music, the lights, the atmosphere and the sweat!

What is something people may not know about you? I am a highly competitive Irish dancer and have been for 15 years! I’m also CORE’s youngest spin instructor 😉

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  At the dance studio, work or at school! Juggling 5 university courses, dance 4 days a week, and a job can be overwhelming, which makes spin even more special to me! Those 50 minutes up on the stage is what clears my mind most!


Maria Fernandez

Dog Mom, Chocolate and Kraft Dinner Enthusiast
Get to Know Her

What’s something people may not know about you?  I can speak French and Spanish fluently and I make the best Kraft dinner

Why spin?  Spin has been in my life for a really long time and it’s my passion! When I’m on the bike I forget about everything happening outside, and just think about motivating people! It has helped through so much, and it has made me the person I am today.

What’s your favorite song to spin to? Anything that has Rihanna or Spanish!

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  At Lulu (of course), home playing with my dog, the mountains, studying or watching The Office!


Katherine McLeod

Group Fitness Instructor, Medical Eduction Manager, Ultra Marathon Addict, Self Proclaimed Loud Talker
Get to Know Her

Why Spin?  Because I love to dance, and there is nothing better than feeling like you are on the dance floor while getting an amazing sweat on!

Favorite song to spin to:   Zombie (by the Cranberries) remix… like reliving University all over again!

Who in your life motivates you?  My dad – because no matter what life throws at him, he always makes the best of it and ensures he has fun while doing it.

When not teaching spin, where can we find you?  Chauffeuring  Happily driving my children around.

Dogs or cats?  Dogs

Wine or beer?  Wine makes me HAAAAPPY!

Guilty pleasure?  Licorice